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Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces




LOT 106

ROLEX SUBMARINER CIGARETTE ONE REF. 5513 Very fine and extremely rare, center-seconds, self-winding, water-resistant, stainless steel gentleman’s wristwatch.

Brand Rolex

Model Submariner

Reference Ref. 5513

Year 1987

Numbers Case N. 997’038

Caliber 1520

Bracelet Stainless steel Oyster bracelet and special “Fliplock” clasp, 175 mm.

Dimensions 40 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 8,000 – 12,000

Known by boat enthusiasts worldwide, started in 1960, the company gained worldwide fame by constructing high performance power boats. Although very little is known about the Rolex Cigarette 1 watches, scholars agree that they were only made on late reference 5513 in 1987 and 1988. It is more than likely that the company ordered the watches from Rolex to be given as gift to clients and customised the dials themselves similar to watches retailed at Tiffany & Co.

1960年に始まった世界各地のボート愛好家によると、同社は高性能パワーボートの建設によって世界的な名声を得ました。 ロレックスの「シガレット1」時計についてはほとんど知られていませんが、ロレックス研究家は1987年と1988年の後半のRef.5513にしか製作されていなかったとしています。ロレックスの時計を顧客に贈り物として与えたり、 ダイヤル自体はTiffany&Co.で販売されている時計に似ています




Sold: CHF 21,250






LOT 84

OMEGA SEAMASTER 600 PLOPROF Very fine and rare ,steel, professional wristwatch, self-winding, blue dial.

Brand Omega

Model Seamaster 600

Reference Ref. 166.0077

Year 1971

Numbers Movement N. 33147894

Caliber 1002

Bracelet Omega rubber band

Dimensions 55 x 45 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 5,000 – 7,000

Sold: CHF 5,937

LOT 83

OMEGA, SPEEDMASTER, REF. 2998-4 A fine and rare, manual wind stainless steel chronograph wristwatch.

Brand Omega

Model Speedmaster

Reference Ref. 2998-4

Year 1961

Numbers Movement N. 17’762’409

Caliber 321

Bracelet Stainless steel Omega bracelet 7912/6 dated 1961, 170 mm.

Dimensions 39 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 10,000 – 15,000

Sold: CHF 25,000


LOT 231

ROLEX SUBMARINER REF. 5514 MAXI DIAL Fine and very rare, center seconds, self-winding, water-resistant, stainless steel diver’s wristwatch with helium escape valve

Brand Rolex

Model Submariner

Reference Ref. 5514

Year 1960

Numbers Case N. 5336058

Caliber 1520

Bracelet Rolex oyster steel bracelet, 185 mm.

Accessories Service Rolex Portugal

Dimensions 40 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 30,000 – 50,000

Detail of escape valve and case. The Ref. 5514 was a COMEX specifi c watch, which was never available to the general public. Due to the extreme conditions in which the COMEX divers operated, every six months the watches were sent back to Rolex for an overhaul. These watches were not just meticulously overhauled but in many cases were upgraded each time the watch returned to Rolex. Former COMEX divers have reported that some of the earlier Ref. 5514 watches did not have the COMEX logo on the dial, such as this example and that when these watches were sent to Rolex for service, on request they were replaced by Rolex with the later gloss tritium or luminova dials, some bearing the COMEX logo. Casebacks were often changed as well such as this example during its last service at Rolex in May 2017.

エスケープバルブとケースの詳細。 Ref.5514はCOMEX仕様の時計であり、一般の人には決して入手できませんでした。 COMEXダイバーが操縦した極端な状況のため、6ヵ月ごとに時計はロールオーバーに返送され、オーバーホールされました。 これらの時計は、細心の注意を払って整備されただけではありませんでしたが、多くの場合、時計がロレックスに返却されるたびにアップグレードされました。 以前のCOMEXダイバーは、この例のようにダイヤルにCOMEXロゴが付いていなかったこと、そしてサービスのためにロレックスに送付されたときに、ロレックスによって後で光沢のあるトリチウムまたはルミノバのダイヤルに交換されたことを確認しました。 2017年5月のRolexでの最後のサービス中に、この例のように大抵のケースバックが変更されました。

LOT 227

ROLEX, DAYTONA, UAE DESERT EAGLE, REF. 6263 A fine and extremely rare, manual wind stainless steel chronograph wristwatch made for the UAE.

Brand Rolex

Model Daytona

Reference Ref. 6263

Year Circa 1960

Numbers Case N. 4’137’763

Caliber 727

Bracelet Rolex Ref. 78350 stainless steel bracelet, 180 mm.

Accessories Service warranty from Rolex Ronchi dated May 2017

Dimensions 37 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 200,000 – 300,000

Sold: CHF 269,000


Often purchased through Asprey to be later delivered to dignitaries or friends, the Rolex made for the middle Eastern market are amongst the most collectible today due to their distinctive look and rarity. 2 versions were made for the UAE, both featuring the eagle with the signature of the King Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum and above the hour counter the signature of Wazarah Ad Dif’a department such as this one. Kept in immaculate condition and never offered on the market before, it is one of the most desirable manual wind Daytonas.

Aspreyを通じて購入され、後で高官や友人に届けられるようになった今日、中東市場向けに作られたロレックスは、独特の見た目と希少性のために、今日では最も回収可能です。 アラブ首長国連邦のために2つのバージョンが作られました。どちらも、モハメド王ビン・ラシッド・アル・マクトゥーム王の署名付きのワシを特徴としています。また、時間カウンターの上には、このようなWazarah Ad Dif’a部の署名があります。 真っ暗な状態で保管され、かつては市場で提供されていなかった、それは最も望ましいマニュアル風デイトナの1つです。

LOT 169

BLANCPAIN, FIFTY FATHOMS A fine and very rare, self-winding, stainless steel divers wristwatch with date

Brand Blancpain

Model Fifty Fathoms

Year Circa 1965

Numbers Case N. 5255

Caliber LP61

Dimensions 41 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 3,500 – 5,500

Sold: CHF 16,250


While this Blancpain has obviously been altered during its lifetime, one must remember that these dive watches were tool watches and were made to survive in extreme conditions and to be repaired easily. This example obviously has had its caseback changed, a later dial fitted and the entire movement was switched with a non-original one. The value obviously resides in the case, caseback and bezel which are in excellent condition and almost impossible to find.

このブランパンは明らかに寿命の間に変更されていますが、これらのダイブウォッチはツールウォッチであり、極限状態で生き残り、容易に修理できるように作られていることを忘れないでください。 この例では明らかにケースバックが変更され、後のダイヤルが取り付けられ、全体の動きが元のものと入れ替えられました。 値は明らかに優れた状態にあり、見つけるのがほとんど不可能なケース、ケースバック、ベゼルにあります。

LOT 173

BREITLING, SPLIT-SECOND CHRONOGRAPH, STEEL A fine and extremely rare, large manual wind, stainless steel chronograph wristwatch with split-second.

Brand Breitling

Model Duograph

Reference Ref. 764

Year Circa 1970

Numbers Case N. 1’354’590

Caliber Venus V179

Dimensions 38 mm.

Signed Dial and case.

CHF 20,000 – 30,000

Sold: CHF 25,000

Part of the complicated line of Breitling watches, the panda split-second chronograph has to be one of the most attractive complicated wristwatch ever made by the firm. Research indicated that they were made in very small quantities, in fact one of the rare other reference 764 to have appeared at auction had the next case number (1’354’591). Cased in a very appealing 38 mm.and with razor sharp lugs indicating little or no polish to the case, this 784 belongs in the best chronograph collections.

Breitling時計の複雑なラインの一部であるパンダ・スプリットセコンドクロノグラフは、これまで会社によって作られた最も魅力的な複雑な腕時計の1つでなければなりません。 研究はそれらが非常に少量で作られたことを示しました、実際にオークションに現われたまれな他の参考文献764の1つは次のケース番号(1’354’591)でした。 非常に魅力的な38ミリメートルのケースとケースに磨きをかけることがほとんどまたはまったくないことを示すかみそりの鋭いラグで、この784は最高のクロノグラフコレクションに属し、極限状態で生き残り、簡単に修理されました。 この例では明らかにケースバックが変更され、後のダイヤルが取り付けられ、全体の動きが元のものと入れ替えられました。 値は明らかに優れた状態にあり、見つけるのがほとんど不可能なケース、ケースバック、ベゼルにあります。

LOT 234

ROLEX REF. 6541 MILGAUSS REF. 6541 TROPICAL BROWN Very fine and extremely rare, antimagnetic, water-resistant, self-winding,lightning bolt center seconds hand.

Brand Rolex

Model Milgauss

Reference Ref. 6541

Year 1958

Numbers Case N. 412320

Caliber 1065

Bracelet Rolex stainless steel

Dimensions 8 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 70,000 – 90,000

Sold: CHF 81,250


The Milgauss was introduced in 1954 for use in high magnetic fields. It was primarliy created for people working on scientific experiments or in power stations, who would need a watch that remained accurate in conditions of work where high magnetic fields existed. The watch’s distinctive name was derived from the French word ‘Mille’, meaning thousand, and ‘Gauss’, which is a measurement of magnetic induction. Magnetic fields affected the balance workings of a watch. A normal watch will become erratic at 60 oersted and cease to fundtion at around 100 oersted. The Milgauss had anti-magnetic alloys in parts of its movement, which was encased by an iron shield, thereby enabling the watch to remain accurate in fields of over 1000 oersted. At the time of its launch the Milgauss was considered a marvel of horological engineering. Not only did the watch function perfectly when subjected to a magnetic field of 1000 oersted (its guaranteed limit), but it could also remain accurate at 5000 oersted. In fact, even after being placed in such powerful magnetic fields, the residual magnetism in the watch’s workings was insufficient to affect its accuracy. It would seem that none of the Milgauss models were ever great sellers. The Milgauss had a small professional market, and its other buyers would probably have just liked the look of this large-case watch, and never required its unique anti-magnetic features. The Milgauss was finally withdrawn from the Rolex catalog in 1988, although for a short time afterward it was still available as a special order piece. In 2007, Rolex reintroduced the updated and evolved Milgauss; now its target market is listed as “medical imaging”.

ミルガウスは1954年に高磁場での使用のために導入されました。それは、高磁場が存在する作業状況において正確なままである時計を必要とする、科学実験または発電所で働く人々のために、主に創造されたものであった。この時計の特徴的な名前は、フランス語のミレル(Mille)、すなわち1000を意味し、ガウス(Gauss)は磁気誘導の測定値である。磁場は時計のバランス動作に影響を与えました。通常の時計は60エルステッドで不安定になり、およそ100エルステッドで資金提供をやめます。 Milgaussは、鉄のシールドで覆われた動きの一部に耐磁性合金を有していたため、1000エルステッド以上のフィールドで時計を正確に保つことができました。打ち上げ当時、ミルガウスは時計技術の驚異とみなされました。時計は1000エルステッド(保証された限界)の磁場にさらされたときに完全に機能するだけでなく、5000エルステッドでも正確なままである可​​能性がある。実際、このような強力な磁場に置かれた後でさえ、時計の動作における残留磁気は、その精度に影響を及ぼすには不十分であった。 Milgaussのモデルのどれもが今までにも素晴らしい売り手だったとは思われません。 Milgaussはプロフェッショナルマーケットが小さく、他のバイヤーはおそらくこの大型時計の外観が気に入っていて、独特の耐磁性機能を必要としませんでした。 Milgaussは1988年にRolexカタログから最終的に撤回されましたが、その後短期間ではまだ特別注文として利用できました。 2007年に、ロレックスは更新され進化したミルガウスを再導入しました。現在、そのターゲット市場は「医療画像」としてリストされています。

LOT 232

ROLEX, SUBMARINER, REF. 5513, POINT CROWN GUARD, SERPICO Y LAINO Fine and rare stainless steel self-winding diver’s wristwatch.

Brand Rolex

Model Submariner

Reference Ref. 5513

Year 1964

Numbers Case N. 992000

Caliber 1560

Bracelet Stainless steel Rolex bracelet, 190 mm.

Dimensions 40 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement. Caseback engraved Serpico y Laino.

CHF 40,000 – 60,000

Serpico Y Laino is still today the official Rolex retailer in Caracas. Only few watches were signed/engraved that makes this submariner a real must to have for Rolex sport watches collector.

Serpico Y Lainoは、今日でもカラカスの正規のロレックス小売業者です。 この潜水艦をロレックスのスポーツウォッチコレクターにとって本当に必要なものにするには、署名/彫刻された時計はほとんどありませんでした。

LOT 235

ROLEX DAYTONA REF. 6264 THE PAUL NEWMAN “LINZ” Very fine and One of the rarest Rolex Daytona Paul Newman, steel manual winding chronograph

Brand Rolex

Model Daytona Paul Newman

Reference Ref. 6264

Year 1970

Numbers Case N.2417912

Caliber 727

Bracelet Rolex steel bracelet, 200 mm.

Dimensions 37 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 250,000 – 450,000

Sold: CHF 275,000



Never offered at auction before, this is probably the rarest Paul Newman version with an exclusive retailer-signed dial. Linz Brothers, a jewelry firm, grew from the efforts of five brothers. Joseph and Elias Linz of St. Louis opened the firm of Joseph Linz and Brother in Denison in October 1877. Rolex Watch USA ventured into the Texas market in 1945. The Geneva-based corporation originally sold its watches throught jewelers like LINZ brothers in Dallas. In 1950 Linz sold more Rolexes than any other dealer in North America (fonts: The Texas Timex). Made for only one year, the reference 6264 featured the newly improved caliber 727 and a black bezel. Kept in great condition with a nice case, a near mint Paul Newman dial featuring all luminous dots and its original Rolex Ref. 7835 folded bracelet dated 1971, it is without a doubt the most desirable reference 6264 to appear on the market.

以前はオークションでは決して提供されていなかったが、これはおそらく最も希少なPaul Newmanバージョンで、小売業者が署名した専用ダイヤルである。 宝石会社のリンツブラザーズは、5人の兄弟の努力から成長しました。 ジョセフ・アンド・エライアス・リンツ(Louis and St. Louis)は、1877年10月、デニソンにジョセフ・リンツとブラザーの会社を設立しました。ロレックス・ウォッチ・アメリカは、1945年にテキサス州の市場に参入しました。 1950年、リンツは北アメリカの他のどのディーラーよりも多くのロレックスを売却した(フォント:The Texas Timex)。 ほんの1年で作られたリファレンス6264は、新しく改良されたキャリバー727とブラックベゼルを特色としていました。 素敵なケースで素晴らしい状態で保管されています。ポールニューマンのダイヤルには、すべての発光ドットとオリジナルのRolex Refを使用しています。 1971年に作られた7835折り畳まれたブレスレットでは、市場に出回る最も望ましい参考文献6264は間違いありません。

LOT 329

PATEK PHILIPE REF. 3700/1 JUMBO NAUTILUS STEEL Very fine and rare, large, cushion shaped, self-winding, water resistant, stainless steel wristwatch Brand Patek Philippe

Brand Patek Philippe

Model Nautilus

Reference Ref. 3700/1

Year 1978

Numbers Movement N. 772’754, Case N. 536164

Caliber 28-255C

Bracelet Stainless steel Patek Philippe “Nautilus” bracelet with deployant clasp, 180 mm.

Accessories Accompanied by an Extract from the Archives

Dimensions 42 x 44 mm.

Signed Dial and movement.

CHF 30,000 – 50,000

Sold: CHF 55,000

LOT 330

AUDEMARS PIGUET REF. 5402 ROYAL OAK A SERIES JUMBO STEEL Very fine and rare, octagonal, self-winding, water-resistant, stainless steel wristwatch.

Brand Audemars Piguet

Model Royal Oak Jumbo

Reference Ref. 5402

Year 1973

Numbers Case N. A122

Caliber 2121

Bracelet Stainless steel Audemars Piguet link bracelet with deployant clasp, 175mm.

Accessories Extract from the archives

Dimensions 39 x 47 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 15,000 – 20,000

Sold: CHF 30,000


LOT 351

ROLEX DAYTONA REF. 6239 STEEL GHOST DOUBLE SWISS Fine and very rare steel chronograph, manual winding wristwatch.

Brand Rolex

Model Daytona

Reference Ref. 6239

Year 1963

Numbers Case N. 923381

Caliber 72B

Bracelet Rolex Oyster steel

Dimensions 36 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 50,000 – 60,000

Sold: CHF 62,500


LOT 352

ROLEX, REF. 6240 COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA, TIFFANY & CO, STEEL Very fine and extremely rare, early, water-resistant, stainless steel wristwatch.

Brand Rolex

Model Daytona

Reference Ref. 6240

Year 1965

Numbers Case N. 1206020

Caliber 72

Bracelet Stainless steel Rolex Oyster Bracelet Accessories Rolex service

Dimensions 37 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 35,000 – 55,000


LOT 361

ROLEX REF. 16610LV SUBMARINER GREEN FAT FOUR SO CALLED “T” CASE STEEL Fine, center seconds, self-winding, water resistant to 300 m, stainless steel Chronometer diver’s wristwatch.

Brand Rolex

Model Submariner

Reference Ref. 16610T LV

Year 2003

Numbers Case N. Y352188

Caliber 3135

Bracelet Stainless steel Rolex Oyster Fliplock bracelet, 190 mm.

Accessories Original box and warranty

Dimensions 40 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 40,000 – 60,000

Sold: CHF 52,500




LOT 367

ROLEX, REF. 16519, salmon dial, white gold An extremely fine and very rare, self-winding, 18k white gold chronograph wristwatch.

Brand Rolex

Model Daytona

Reference Ref. 16519

Year 1997

Numbers Case N. U 412’635

Caliber 4030

Bracelet Leather with 18k white gold Rolex deployant clasp

Dimensions 39 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 50,000 – 80,000

Sold: CHF 149,000



Produced in 1998, this white gold 16519 features a unique salmon/pink coloured dial. While scholars are still debating its origins, some say it was an extremely limited version made for VIP clients, others say it was a study before being replaced by mother of pearl dials for the production version. Its beauty and allure are incontestable, the contrast of the white gold case and warm pink dial make for striking color combination that will delight the most discerning Rolex collectors. According to our research it is the first time this version of Daytona has appeared at auction and is an opportunity not to be missed in the ever increasing collectability of modern Daytonas.

1998年に生産されたこのホワイトゴールド16519には、ユニークなサーモン/ピンクのダイヤルがあります。 学者たちは依然としてその起源について議論しているが、VIPクライアント向けに作られた極限的なバージョンだと言う人もいれば、プロダクションバージョンのパールダイヤルの母親に取って代わる前の調査だと言う人もいる。 その美しさと魅力は、ホワイトゴールドケースと暖かいピンクのダイヤルのコントラストが、最も目立つロレックスのコレクターを喜ばせる印象的な色の組み合わせになります。 私たちの調査によると、デイトナのこのバージョンがオークションに登場したのは初めてであり、現代のデイトナの回収可能性が絶えず増していく中で、見逃されないチャンスです。

LOT 391

PANERAI, LUMINOR MARINA MILITARE, REF. 5218-202/A A fine and early, manual wind, pvd coated divers wristwatch.

Brand Panerai

Model Luminor Marina Militare

Reference Ref. 5218-202A

Year Circa 1992

Caliber 16”’

Bracelet Leather with Pvd coated Panerai buckle

Accessories Instruction booklet

Dimensions 44 x 44 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 10,000 – 15,000

LOT 445

TUDOR, REF. 7021, SUBMARINER, SNOWFLAKE A fine, stainless steel self-winding divers wristwatch with date.

Brand Tudor

Model Prince Oysterdate Submariner

Reference Ref. 7021

Numbers Case N. 761’257

Caliber 2484

Bracelet Rolex Ref. 78360, 180 mm.

Dimensions 38 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 4,000 – 6,000

Sold: CHF 7,500


LOT 443

TUDOR RANGER Fine and rare steel, automatic wristwatch.

Brand Tudor

Model Ranger

Reference Ref. 7966/0

Year 1967

Numbers Case N. 587841

Bracelet Rolex oyster steel, 175 mm.

Dimensions 34 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 2,000 – 4,000

LOT 459

ROLEX DAYTONA REF. 6241 PAUL NEWMAN STEEL A very fine and rare manual-winding stainless steel wristwatch with chronograph.

Brand Rolex

Model Daytona

Reference Ref. 6241

Year 1968

Numbers Case N. 1767383

Caliber 22-1

Bracelet Leather

Dimensions 37 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 100,000 – 150,000

Sold: CHF 197,000


LOT 461

ROLEX, OYSTER CHRONOGRAPH, REF. 6234, 18K YELLOW GOLD Fine and rare, manual winding, 18kt yellow gold, chronograph wristwatch.

Brand Rolex

Model Pre Daytona

Reference Ref. 6234

Year 1962

Numbers Case N. 807506

Caliber 72B

Bracelet Leather with original buckle

Dimensions 36 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 50,000 – 70,000

LOT 467

ROLEX UNITED ARAB EMIRATES DEEPSEA STEEL Rolex, “U.A.E. Deepsea” Fine and very rare, self-winding, water-resistant, stainless steel diver’s wristwatch with helium escape valve, date, bezel with Cerachrom insert.

Brand Rolex

Model Deepsea

Reference Ref. 116660

Year Circa 2015

Numbers Case N. T52780G3

Caliber 3135

Bracelet Stainless steelFliplock bracelet with glidelock clasp, 195 mm.

Accessories Stickers applied, NOS conditions, original warranty

Dimensions 44 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 18,000 – 28,000

LOT 487

BREGUET, TYPE XX A fine and attractive, manual wind, stainless steel pilot wristwatch with chronograph.

Brand Breguet

Model Type XX

Year Circa 1970

Numbers Case N. B21’497

Caliber Valjoux 236

Dimensions 40 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 9,000 – 14,000

Sold: CHF 18,125


LOT 486

JAEGER LE COULTRE “WWW” chrome Fine and rare manual winding chrome military wristwatch.

Brand Jaeger-LeCoultre

Reference Ref. F 14331

Year 1945

Numbers Case N. 285035

Bracelet nato strap

Dimensions 35 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 2,000 – 4,000

LOT 491

BLANCPAIN, BATHYSCAPHE, STEEL A fine and rare, self winding stainless steel dive wristwatch with date.

Brand Blancpain

Model Bathyscaphe

Year Circa 1965

Numbers Case N. 101440

Caliber 1700/01

Bracelet ?

Dimensions 37 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 7,000 – 9,000

LOT 492

BLANCPAIN, AIR COMMAND, UNIQUE PIECE ORDERED BY JACQUES COUSTEAU A unique and historically important manual wind stainless steel chronograph wristwatch ordered by Jacques Cousteau for his pioneer diving expeditions.

Brand Blancpain

Model Air Command

Year Circa 1965

Numbers Case N. 29’509

Caliber Valjoux 222

Accessories Blancpain authenticity letter dated 1998.

Dimensions 36 mm.

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 100,000 – 200,000

LOT 498

LANGE & SOHNE PILOT WATCH STEEL FI 23883 Fine, rare and big Pilot Military Watch.

Brand Lange & Sohne

Model Pilot

Reference Ref. 127-560A-1

Year Circa 1943

Numbers Case N. 212205

Caliber 48.1

Bracelet Leather

Dimensions 55 mm.

Signed Case and movement.

CHF 4,500 – 6,500

LOT 503

OMEGA, SPEEDMASTER APOLLO, REF. 145.012 A fine and extremely rare, manual wind chronograph wristwatch with protective case.

Brand Omega

Model Speedmaster Apollo

Reference Ref. ST145.012

Year 1968

Numbers Movement N. 25’009’490

Caliber 321

Bracelet Velcro Omega strap

Accessories Omega letter and copy of the Omega archive.

Dimensions 42 mm. (without protective case)

Signed Dial, case and movement.

CHF 55,000 – 75,000

According to the accompanying letter from Marco Richon of Omega dated 1998, they confirm the production of this piece made in 1968 for the retailer De Marchi in Turin. According to our research and the fact that no other pieces have ever surfaced on the auction market, we can safely assume that this piece was made in very few examples with a white radial dial and hands. A rare opportunity to acquire a never previously seen Omega Speedmaster. Interestingly the watch also comes accompanied by a photocopy of the delivery card from Omega that confirms its production in 1968, a testament to its originality.

1998年のオメガのMarco Richonの手紙によると、彼らはトリノの小売業者De Marchiのために1968年に作られたこの作品の生産を確認しています。 私たちの調査によると、オークション市場に他の作品が出現していないという事実によると、この作品は白い放射状のダイヤルと手で作られたものと思われます。 以前は見たことのないオメガスピードマスターを手に入れることができます。 興味深いことに、この時計にはオメガの配送カードの写しが添付されており、1968年にそのオリジナリティが証明されています。







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