【2020年12月12日開催】”RACING PULSE” PHILLIPSオークション in New York ポールニューマン氏のデイトナの行方

【2017年10月26日】PHILLIPSオークション ポールニューマン氏のデイトナはなんと20億円!

RACING PULSE – New York Auction 12 December 2020

遂にあと9日と迫ってきたPHILLIPSオークション(in NY)「RACING PULSE」。


2017年に行われたWINNING ICONSでは当時最高額の日本円計算で約20億円(1USD/113円計算 – BUYER’S PREMIUM(購入者の手数料)込)で落札されたポールニューマンズデイトナ6239が話題になりました。



Drive Slowly – Joanne


Manufacturer: Rolex
Year: Circa 1980
Reference No: 6263
Case No: 6’392’137
Model Name: Cosmograph Daytona “Big Red”
Material: Stainless steel
Calibre: Manual, cal. 727, 17 jewels
Bracelet/Strap: Stainless steel Rolex Oyster bracelet, reference 78350/19, max length 200mm
Clasp/Buckle: Stainless steel Rolex deployant clasp, reference 78350, stamped T9
Dimensions: 37mm Diameter
Signed: Case, dial, movement, and clasp signed.
Accessories: Handwritten note from Clea Newman
Literature: The present watch is featured on the front and back covers of “A Man & His Watch”, by Matthew Hranek.

  • Paul Newman Biography

    With stunningly successful careers as an actor, director, racecar driver, entrepreneur, political activist, and philanthropist as well as his distinguished life as a husband and family man, Paul Newman is a Hollywood legend in every sense. He was a multifaceted virtuoso best known for his incredible performances on screen and stage that won him two Academy Awards, including that of Best Actor – Hollywood’s ultimate endorsement of his immense talents.

    Devastatingly handsome, with piercing clear blue eyes, Paul Newman’s phenomenal successes came not from his good looks, but from his intelligence, hard work, tenacity, and selfless desire to help others.

    Born on January 26, 1925 in Shaker Heights, Ohio, he enlisted in the Navy at 18 and was a veteran of World War II where he served for three years on deployment in the Pacific. At age 21, he went on to study at Kenyon College, graduating with a degree in English before studying drama at Yale University. He would marry twice, first to Jackie Witte, and then to Joanne Woodward from 1958 until his death in 2008 – one of Hollywood’s longest enduring and most admired marriages.




    Photo credit: Francesco Guidicini/Camera Press/Redux

    With nearly 100 roles on television, movies, and Broadway plays, he was a superstar American actor emerging from the Method school of acting of the 1950s. It was the role he played as race car driver Frank Capua in the 1969 film, Winning, where his passion for auto racing would develop, spawning an entirely new career at the age of 47.

    In his mid-fifties, he would find enormous success as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. A passionate cook in his spare time, the food company he founded in 1982, Newman’s Own, would become one of the world’s largest charitable organizations. Donating all of its after-tax profits to charity, his organization has raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Despite all of these superb achievements, Paul Newman was known for his humility and discreet disposition. Almost universally revered, he had a wonderful appreciation for the finer things, but was most certainly not ostentatious. His way of living life was a true testament to his devotion to understated excellence.

    At age 83, Paul Newman sadly succumbed to cancer after a long fought battle on September 26, 2008. His family and foundation carry on his legacy of giving.


    彼は50代半ばに、起業家および慈善家として大きな成功を収めました。余暇には情熱的な料理人であり、1982年に設立した食品会社Newman’s Ownは、世界最大の慈善団体の1つになるでしょう。彼の組織は、税引き後の利益のすべてを慈善団体に寄付し、数億ドルを集めました。



  • Paul Newman & The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

    Roughly around the time Winning was filmed, Joanne purchased the perfect gift for her husband – a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reference 6239 with “exotic” dial, manufactured in 1968 and designed specifically for motor sport.

    On its caseback, “DRIVE CAREFULLY ME”, is the loving inscription Joanne had engraved for her husband. The inscription reflected her fears as a result of his need for speed. After all, three years prior in 1965, Newman was injured in a serious motorcycle accident where skin grafts were required on his left hand. With those unpleasant memories still fresh in her mind, she felt great discomfort every time he went onto the racetrack for a drive.

    In approximately 1984, it seemingly disappeared once he received a new watch – the present black, non-exotic dial Cosmograph Daytona, reference 6263 bought for him once again by Joanne Woodward. The story of this Paul Newman’s reference 6239 is well-known now: Newman gifted it to his daughter Nell’s boyfriend at the time, James Cox, who owned it for over thirty years until he consigned it to Phillips. It made history in the Winning Icons New York auction of October 2017, achieving a world record price of $17.8 million.

    The present black dial, “Big Red” reference 6263 with screwdown pushers was worn by Paul Newman, as seen in countless images, beginning with its purchase in 1983 by Joanne Woodward until 2008. It was the watch he wore the longest and was most often photographed wearing, until Newman gifted it to his daughter, Clea Newman Soderlund in 2008 before his passing. Its caseback is beautifully engraved with the phrase, “Drive slowly Joanne”. Woodward, no doubt still fearing for the safety of her husband whenever he left to pursue his passion on the track, wanted to make sure that her husband continued to remember to take care of himself.

    “To me, this watch shows my mother’s tolerance of his continued passion for racing and reflects the enduring love between them which remained for another 25 years until his passing.”
    — Clea Newman

    Throughout his lifetime, Mr. Newman was seen wearing several generations of Daytona models. He not only made the model famous, but also, without any doubt, helped fuel the growth and popularity of wristwatch collecting beginning in the late 1980s.

    No one embodies the spirit of the Daytona more than Paul Newman. Regardless of its undisputed status as the world’s most desired collectors’ watch, or whether it’s a rare iteration that captures the minds of scholars, the Daytona is a precision instrument meant to be a workhorse on the wrist, worn comfortably and in any condition. Paul Newman achieved staggering success as an Oscar-winning actor, but his greatest passions were his family, philanthropy, and racing. He worked tirelessly to improve the lives of thousands of families and their children around the world as the founder of Newman’s Own and other charities. He was down-to-earth and humble, despite the personas he adopted on stage and screen. A Rolex Cosmograph Daytona evokes that same balanced air of casual elegance and gritty efficiency. Phillips is honored and proud to present the second vintage Rolex Daytona owned and worn by Paul Newman for nearly 25 years, then cherished by his daughter Clea Newman Soderlund since receiving it from him personally in 2008: Paul Newman’s Rolex “Big Red” Daytona reference 6263.

  • The Married Life of Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

    It is rare that any marriage, or any kind of human relationship, lasts half a century – much less that of two Hollywood film stars. But Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward defied the norm – they lived, worked, and raised children together for fifty years, and never lost their undeniable chemistry.

    They chose to raise their family in a historic home in Westport, Connecticut, far from the glittering temptations of Hollywood, though they also continued to collaborate professionally, working together in ten films as either co-stars or with Newman directing Woodward. Indeed, Newman directed Woodward in her role as Rachel Cameron in Rachel, Rachel (1968), which resulted in her second of four Academy Award nominations.



    1984年頃、彼が新しい時計を受け取ると、それは消えたように見えました。現在の黒の非エキゾチックな文字盤コスモグラフデイトナ、リファレンス6263は、ジョアンウッドワードがもう一度彼のために購入しました。このポールニューマンのリファレンス6239の話は、今ではよく知られています。ニューマンは、フィリップスに委託するまで30年以上所有していた娘のネルのボーイフレンドであるジェームズコックスに贈りました。2017年10月のWinningIcons New Yorkオークションで歴史を刻み、世界記録の1,780万ドルを達成しました。









    Photo credit: DEUTSCH Jean-Claude/Contributor/Paris Match

    Her concern and care for her husband’s wellbeing, and her acceptance of his passions, were the likely catalysts for giving Newman first his Daytona reference 6239, followed by the current Daytona reference 6263. Engraved with simple but loving words of caution, as a gentle reminder to come home safe at the end of the day. And each day, he chose to come home to her. Newman once said, “People stay married because they want to, not because the doors are locked.”
    It can therefore be said that the growth of an entire collecting genre was born out of their love; the hobby that so many of us are thrilled by every day was driven by their enduring, romantic partnership.


    Clea Newman Soderlund

    As the youngest daughter of the legendary acting couple Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Clea’s parents not only encouraged her to find her passion in life and pursue it with fervor, but they taught her the importance and power of giving back. Those two lessons merged for Clea when she discovered her passion in life was philanthropy and working to advance the causes and organizations she cared about.

    Always supportive of children, Clea started her philanthropic endeavors by working on the Development team at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Following the founding of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp by Paul Newman in 1988, Paul and other like-hearted individuals opened similar camps around the world, ultimately joining together to form SeriousFun Children’s Network. Through a shared vision and collective contributions, the Network has evolved to become the leader in the field of medical specialty camps, delivering more than 1.3 million lifechanging experiences to children and families from more than 50 countries. Now as the SeriousFun Ambassador, Clea works to raise awareness and funds to support this incredible mission. Previously, Clea served on SeriousFun’s Board of Directors where she was the chair of the Development Committee.


    常に子供たちを支援するクレアは、ウォールギャングキャンプのホールの開発チームで働くことから慈善活動を始めました。1988年にポールニューマンによってウォールギャングキャンプの穴が設立された後、ポールと他の志を同じくする人々は世界中に同様のキャンプを開き、最終的に一緒になってSeriousFun Children’sNetworkを形成しました。共通のビジョンと共同の貢献を通じて、ネットワークは医療専門キャンプの分野のリーダーに進化し、50か国以上の子供と家族に130万以上の人生を変える経験を提供しています。現在、SeriousFunアンバサダーとして、Cleaはこの信じられないほどの使命を支援するための意識と資金を高めるために働いています。以前は、CleaはSeriousFunの取締役会に所属し、開発委員会の委員長を務めていました。

    Cleaは、野生生物、生息地、およびそれらを取り巻く人々の利益のために、共同行動を刺激することによって自然界の重要な領域を保護する組織であるWild Earth Alliesの理事長を務めるなど、他の多くの組織にも関わっています。さらに、彼女は、神経生物学に基づいた学習で子供と大人の生活を向上させることを使命とする組織である、米国神経統合開発研究所(AIND)の理事会に所属しています。また、臨床および医学研究を最新の状態に保ちながら、アウトリーチ、教育、レクリエーション、および治療プログラムを開発および維持します。


    Photo credit: Paul Boutros 

Racing Pulse: New York Auction Saturday, December 12, 2020 | Phillips
Phillips presents Racing Pulse from Saturday, December 12, 2020 in New York


New York Auction 12 December 2020



出品番号20番のモナコはスティーブ・マックイーン氏がメカニックのHaig Alltounian氏に贈ったものだそうです。





ポールニューマン氏のデイトナ”BIG RED”は落札予想額が100万ドル(1億円)だとか・・・




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