【2023SS week13】2023年5月20日 SUPREME “Bernadette Corporation” Spring/Summer 2023 シュプリーム オンライン





今週はバーナデット コーポレーションとのコラボレーションモデルがリリースされます。

バーナデット コーポレーションを存じ上げなかったので、特に書くことはありません。

Supreme/Bernadette Corporation

Bernadette Corporation is an art collective based in New York City consisting of Bernadette Van-Huy, John Kelsey and Jim Fletcher.

During the summer of 1994, Van-Huy was approached to host a night at Club USA, for which she assembled a group of collaborators. Although the party itself was short-lived, the collective endured — expanding into fashion, magazine publishing, film, writing and fine art.

From its outset, Bernadette Corporation sought to both incorporate and subvert the commercial aesthetics and strategies emerging in mid-90s art and fashion spaces. Simply calling themselves a corporation was both a joke and a critical position. “It was an anti-art stance, to embrace this kind of crass commercialism,” Van-Huy has said.

Between 1995 and 1997, Bernadette Corporation developed a fashion label. Conceptually, the line was a vehicle to prod at the industry from the inside. Recognizing the fashion system’s appropriation of subcultures, Bernadette Corporation responded with a language that made these codes of class and ethnicity explicit. They cast models they found in the Yellow Pages and produced fashion editorial of robbers in BC logos (a nod to the Ralph Lauren-thieving Lo-Lifes). Ironically, Bernadette Corporation was embraced by the industry it satirized, particularly by magazines. This ongoing dialogue ushered Bernadette Corporation into producing their own magazine, Made in USA, between 1999 and 2001.

In 2001, Bernadette Corporation shifted from fashion, following the antiglobalization protests that erupted during the G8 summit, and shortly after, the events of 9/11. They produced an experimental documentary, 2003’s Get Rid of Yourself; and later, Reena Spaulings, a 2005 novel authored by 150 anonymous contributors, including many non-writers and non-English speakers.

Taken together, Bernadette Corporation’s work, in all its varied forms, is deeply social. Like all good scenes — a mix of rumor, pastiche, parody, experiment, and community.

Supreme has worked with Bernadette Corporation on a new collection for Spring 2023. The collection consists of a Track Jacket, S/S Work Shirt, Raglan Top, Soccer Top, Track Pant, Chino Pant, Work Short, two T-Shirts, 6-Panel, Nipple Clamps, Mini Towel and Spalding® Basketball.

Available May 18th.

Available in Japan May 20th.



新入荷(NEW): https://jp.supreme.com/collections/new

ジャケット類(jackets) : https://jp.supreme.com/collections/jackets

シャツ(shirts) : https://jp.supreme.com/collections/shirts

トップス(tops/sweaters) : https://jp.supreme.com/collections/tops_sweaters

スウェット(sweatshirts) : https://jp.supreme.com/collections/sweatshirts

パンツ(pants) : https://jp.supreme.com/collections/pants

Tシャツ(t-shirts) :  https://jp.supreme.com/collections/t-shirts

帽子(hats) :  https://jp.supreme.com/collections/hats

アクセサリー・グッズ(accessories) :  https://jp.supreme.com/collections/accessories

スニーカー・シューズ(shoes) :  https://jp.supreme.com/collections/shoes

スケート(skate) : https://jp.supreme.com/collections/skate

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